This farmer from Mangaon doubled his Paddy(Rice) yield

Using these simple agricultural techniques and changes in his method of agriculture, Nandakumar has been able to see almost three-fold increase his paddy yield this season. Read the blog if you want to know more about what he did to get these results in just a season.

Rice bowl of the World:

India has the largest paddy output in the world and is also the fourth largest exporter of rice in the world.

Rice is the second important crop after Jowar in Maharashtra State. The total area under rice crop remained stable around 15 lakh ha and production around 24 lakh tones with 1.7 to 1.9 ton/ha productivity during last 15 years in the state.

The Agricultural Universities in the state has released total 54 high yielding varieties, 4 rice hybrids and developed an improved package of practices for cultivation of rice crop since 1970.

The average productivity of the state is 2.01 t/ha. Maharashtra ranks 13th place in rice production in the country. The average productivity of the Maharashtra state is low as compared to other rice-growing states viz. Panjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh etc.

A great farmer, a greater technique:

When Nandkumar Sardan from Vile, Mangaon harvested a yield of 5.2 ton of rice per hectare from his one-acre plot, instead of his usual yield of 2 ton per hectare, it was an achievement that created news across this region. [A hectare of land is about 2.471 acres]

For a large part of the world’s population, rice is the most widely consumed staple food. So any increase in rice yields is a very big deal indeed.

What made Nandakumar’s yields so notable, however, is that he achieved these results with less than half of the usual cost of fertilizers.

The nutrient management solution for rice provided by LeanNutri has reduced my fertilizer costs from ₹10000/acre to ₹8000/acre and yield from 800kg/acre to 2100kg/acre.

In fact, the yields reported by Nandakumar are backed up by higher-than-average reported yields from farmers across the region— are being attributed to the system of scientific methodology and crop scheduling by LeanAgri.

Here are a few practices and simple techniques you can use to boost your land’s productivity:

  1. Procure certified seed of High Yielding Varieties/Hybrids recommended for the area from authorized agencies/dealers.
  2. Treat the seed with recommended fungicides for minimizing the disease incidence.
  3. Sow the pre-germinated seed of paddy in nursery bed as per guidelines prescribed by the State Agricultural University. Use recommended doses of farmyard manure, macro, and micronutrients in nursery beds at the time of sowing.
  4. Nursery raising for planting systems like SRI, mechanical and general practice should be according to the scientific recommendations.
  5. Get the soil tested for nutrient status and recommendations. LeanAgri provides soil analysis service under which the soil is tested for 15 essential soil parameters and 11 essential water parameters.
  6. Apply lime/liming material to acid soils as per the recommendations of the State Agricultural University at the time of field preparation.
  7. Mini kits of rice varieties/hybrids are being distributed under NFSM. Interested farmers may contact officers of the State Department of Agriculture.
  8. Azolla, a natural enemy of a weed plant in rice can be used to control the weed.
  9. As rice crop responds very well to manure and chemicals, it is essential to go for proper manures and fertilizers in paddy cultivation. LeanAgri provides a season-long crop fertilizers schedule together with doorstep delivery of essential fertilizers required by your crops at pocket-friendly prices.

LeanAgri is an agro-tech startup set up in Pune, Maharashtra. We provide critical resources to farmers at appropriate times to implement the technologies.

Our vision is to increase incomes of farmers by increasing farm yields through systematic implementation of scientific techniques, providing essential resources and regular monitoring.

Our solutions are farm specific, can be customized for any crop, and can be implemented in other regions of the country with our operations started and tested Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh.

With our Machine Learning based algorithm, we provide you with season-long crop schedules and doorstep delivery of fertilizers across the country at very nominal prices.

Together with this, we have developed an SMS and IVR based system which will remind you of the various things to be done according to the schedule so that you do not miss out on anything.

All of this comes with a 24*7 season-long support from our team of Agronomy experts who will help you out in case of an emergency.

We are incubated and formally associated with ICRISAT (International Crop Research Institute of Semi-Arid Tropics). They provide us with agronomy support, crop growth data and nutrient analysis, especially for the 6 mandate crops.

On-field trials and research is being conducted in collaboration with ICRISAT to identify and validate the techniques developed by LeanAgri. We are also supported and validated by institutions like DOGR & IISR.

Our clients and partners include Rotary International and Swades Foundation. We are helping more than 300 farmers across the country with a total area under cultivation of more than 400 acres

You can know more about our products, LeanNutri, LeanEquip, LeanConnect and LeanEnterprise and can contact us for more info.

Grow Efficient, Grow More!!

6 thoughts on “This farmer from Mangaon doubled his Paddy(Rice) yield

  1. Prashant Reply

    LeanAgri … Good one here. What do you guys generally support? Organic or chemical based farming??? I spent 15 years in the I.T industry and have started farming a few months ago. Want me to try something???? I am open to experiments that may support farmers in the long run.

    • LeanAgri Post authorReply

      Hi Mr. Prashant, Thank you for your appreciation. We provide integrated, organic and chemical-based farming solutions based on farmers comfort level of farming as well as market opportunity. We have good results with residue-free production.
      We will be very happy to guide you with sustainable and modern farming. Please let us know your location and contact details at


    Sir it’s nice to see that indian farmers are adopting new techniques to enhance the yield. Recently one of our tribal woman farmer has set a new record in the area by harvesting 106 Quintals per hactare of rice in korba chhattisgarh by adopting SRI in a improved manner

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