SCALE-UP for a change for a better tomorrow

The Green Future

To bring together start-ups working towards changing the world, Yes Bank took the initiative to scale-up start-ups through Yes Scale. Revolutionizing farm.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will,

in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson rightly described the future, our future. The agriculture sector is growing with a rate of approximately 2 per cent. With stakeholders driven towards changing the plight of agriculture today, the integration of technology with farming is happening in reality.  Recent trends in agriculture involve digital innovation to get traceability, develop effective climatic risk mitigation strategy with weather-based crop advisory, and water management initiative. Agriculture sector provides food and nutritional security, creates employment, and provides raw materials for the industries. The future of agriculture holds growth and prosperity only if we culture our present efficiently.

Cloud with The Silver Lining

More than 60 per cent of the rural population is engaged in agriculture with the average annual income per month being ₹6000 approximately. Low per capita income and underemployment has long shadowed over the Indian agricultural sector.  The land is an important resource and in India 85 per cent of farmers have less than two hectares of land. More than 70 per cent of water used in agriculture, but water availability is scarce and erratic. Our national productivity is 30-40 per cent less than other developed nations. Low productivity, in this sector, has worsened the status of the agriculture sector in India. India contributes approximately one percent to the global agricultural trade. Declining productivity barrier has created a tainted image of the nation in the world scenario for crop production. In order to meet the prevailing global threats like increasing population and a reduction in natural resources, it is important to re-establish and rebrand the outlook of Indian agriculture. Modern agriculture is knowledge-based and thus gaining expertise in it is vital for the farmers. Farmers are slowly adapting themselves to the small changes like the use of a tractor, seed driller, sprayer and sprinkler. The major challenge faced by farmers is the availability of resources. Agriculture today is being mechanized. It is providing the advantage to grow efficiently and grow more in the field of agriculture. However, mechanization has created a sense of insecurity. It is confusing for a farmer to decide what service to opt for and what changes to make in his farming activities. People perceive it as a storm cloud rising that will take up their employment and increase investment on mechanization that will burden the farmers with debt. Mechanization in agriculture is rather a silver lining. It will not take away employment, but it will improve the efficiency of the farming. Data-driven technology is a secured platform that can help alleviate the present distress in the agriculture sector. Technology integrated farming can mechanize every farm.

Need for Change

To help farmers connect with technology and bridge the gap between farming and mechanization using scientific technology, 300+ start-ups have evolved in the agriculture sector. To mentor ideas and scale up the start-up ecosystem, Yes Bank took the initiative to bring together startups working towards digitizing farm technology solutions through Yes Scale: Agritech.

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Yes Scale is first of its’ kind start-up accelerator that collaborates with startups and technology leaders and assists them in bridging ideas to implementation. The start-ups will also receive commercialization support and access to investors and corporate partners across industries.

LeanAgri got the opportunity to board this platform in 2017. LeanAgri with its unique personalized crop management algorithm addresses the challenges faced by today’s’ farmers. Predictive agricultural analytics provide security to farmers. Farmers get dynamic crop management schedule to enhance their yield and income. Farmers will get to implement scientific techniques including activity planning and decision-making solution. The organisation believes in the culture of growing efficiently and growing more. Thus they have identified the problems faced by the farmers and has prioritised them based on the ability of a farmer to overcome the problem. To accept innovations and adapt technologies, farmers should first believe that they could control the problems they face. To make the nation surplus in agricultural productivity, the producers should change their attitude towards the challenges they face. LeanAgri is dedicated towards this change.      

The Scale-Up

Yes Bank’s Yes Scale: Agritech has provided the organization with a suitable platform to scale up for the change. LeanAgri got the chance to come on board and collaborate with industrial partners like Olam. The contract has benefitted farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. LeanAgri is working with farmers to grow cotton and chili. The organization is now engaged in certain regions of the above-mentioned states and is revolutionizing one farm at a time. The farmers get a detailed report of their farm soil. Based on the soil report farmers get personalized crop management solutions that include dynamic crop schedule based on agro zone. LeanAgri has proposed the industrial partners to provide the value-added feature to the farmers so that they get a better market to sell their quality produce and fetch a better price for it. The fund provided by Yes Bank would help the organization in expansion of their services. Such collaboration will provide scale to the start-up to work for the cause of digitizing farms with technology and make technology available to the farmers.

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