Soybean Farming: Smartest farming technique

Complete information on soybean farming


Expectations from soybean farming

Expected soybean yield

10 Quintal per acre

Expected Duration

90-110 days after sowing

Expected Expenditure (Rs)


Expected Income (Rs)


Favorable climate for soybean farming


  • Soybean can be grown in varied types of climates.
  • However dry weather is necessary for ripening. 


  • For good germination, soil temperatures should be above 15°C and for growth about 26-30°C. 

Soybean crop water requirements

  • Soybean is moderately drought tolerant crop.
  • High moisture requirement is critical at the time of germination, flowering and pod-forming stage which lasts 3-4 months.
  • Water requirement – Equivalent to 400 mm of rainfall.

Favorable soil for soybean cultivation

Soil type

  •  Medium to heavy, loam soil with good water holding capacity.

Soil pH

  • Required range- 6.0-7.5
  • If pH is <6.0 add Lime
  • If pH is >7.5 add Gypsum

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Planting material

Seed Rate
25-30 kg per acre

Soybean seed treatment

For seed treatment of soybean, treat the seeds with·        

  • Imidacloprid – 4 ml

Instructions – Mix the above quantity in two liters of water for one kg of seeds. dip the seeds in solution for 10 min & then shade dry for 15 min.

  • Carbendazim- 2 gram

Instructions – Treated seeds are to be again treated with the Carbendazim 2 gram for 1 kg of seeds. Apply it on seed by rubbing it on seed surface.

Land Preparation

Land Preparation

  1. Ploughing method – Plough the land 1 or 2 times based on soil type.
  2. Mix the following in field, and keep it in open air for 10 days for proper decomposition – 
    1. FYM – 2  tonns
    2. Composting Bacteria – 3kg
  3. Spread the above mixture over soil and run rotavator to the entire field making the soil as a fine tilth.

Bed Preparation

  1. Bed preparation- Prepare ridges and furrows 45 cm apart with the help of tractor/ manually.

Spacing and soybean plant population

Row to Row
1.4 ft
Plant to Plant
0.3 ft
Plant Population

Sowing of soybean seeds

  • Sowing time: First week of June
  • Dibble the seeds at a depth of 4 cm along the furrow, put 2 seed per hole.

Nutrient management in soybean farming

  • Total requirement: 50:75:45 N:P:K kg/acre
  • At sowing apply- Urea- 110 kg , Single super phosphate- 460 kg 
  • 30 Days after sowing Muriate of potash- 75 kg
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Irrigation of soybean crop

  • Flood- Once in 10 days 

Intercultural operations in soybean farming

  • Thinning & Gap filling On 12-15 days after sowing
  • Thinning: If two seeds were sown, leave only one healthy and vigorous seedling per hole and remove the other. 
  • Gap filling: Where seedlings have not germinated, dibble pre-soaked seeds at the rate of 2 seeds per hole and immediately irrigate.
  • Earthing Up: On 25-30 days after sowing (Convert ridges into furrows).

Soybean weed management (Herbicide for soybean)

3 Days after transplanting
Herbicide Name
Atrazine (100 gram/acre) OR Pendimethalin (300 ml/acre)
21 Days after transplanting
Herbicide Name
Imazethapyr (400 gram/acre)

Growth regulators used in soybean farming

  • Foliar spray of NAA 40 mg/L and Salicylic acid 100 mg/L once at pre-flowering and another at 15 days thereafter.

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Diseases and pests of Soybean

Soybean Aphid
(Soybean Mosaic Virus)

Remedy of aphid attacks in soybean farming
Light and dark green patches on individual leaves Leaves shrivel along the veins and curled downward
Crop Input Quantity
200 ml Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Soybean Rust

Soybean rust - Symptoms and prevention
Soybean rust- Reddish brown spots on lower leaf surface
Crop Input Quantity
200 ml Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Soybean Pod Borer

Soybean pod borer pest in soybean farming
Also seen bore holes on pod and stem Presence of larva inside the pod
Crop Input Quantity
250.0 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Soybean Powdery Mildew

prevention and cure of powdery mildew disease in soybean farming
Infected leaves have white to light grey, powdery patches Infection more common on middle and lower leaves
Crop Input Quantity
Wettable sulphur
200 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Soybean Sucking Pest

Prevention of thrips in soybean farming
Folding of leaves Silvery patches on leaves Upward curling of leaves Small insects aggregated on leaves, stem
Crop Input Quantity
100 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Anthracnose of soybean

Anthracnose disease of soybean and its cure
Irregular brown spots on stem and pods
Crop Input Quantity
Copper oxychloride
200 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray

Soybean harvesting

Harvesting Duration
Harvesting Duration
90-110 days after sowing.
Harvesting Time
Harvesting can be done manually, breaking the stalks on the ground level or with sickle

Soybean yield per acre

Total Harvesting Quantity
10 quintal/acre

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