Expected Harvest

100-180 Quintal per acre

Expected Duration

100-110 days after sowing

Expected Expenditure (Rs)


Expected Income (Rs)


Favourable Climate

  • Potato is preferred in regions where temperature during growing season is cool
  • The vegetative growth is best at 24 °C while tuber growth at 20 °C.
  • A temperature ranging from 20-25°C is ideal for growth.
Crop Water Requirements
  • Germination, underground stem formation and tuber development are the most critical stages when water must be available. 
  • Water requirement – Equivalent to 500-700 mm of rainfall

Favourable Soil

  • The potato can be grown almost on any type of soil except saline and alkaline soils.
  •  Choose Sandy loam, Silt loam, Loam and Clay soil ( Soils should be loose).
  • Required range- 5.0-6.5 (Slightly acidic Soil)
  • Strongly alkaline soils are not suitable for growing Potato.
  • If pH is <5.0 add Lime
  • If pH is >6.5 add Gypsum

Planting Material

Kufri Jyoti
100 Days
Special Characteristic
Potatoes with white, large, Oval, Moderately resistant to late and early blight.
75 Days
Special Characteristic
Seed Rate
600-800 kg/acre

Seed Treatment

Treat the tubers with- 

Mix Azotobacter – 4 kg in 200 lit of water in a drum for 800 kg seeds. 

Dip the seeds in a solution for 30 min & use for sowing.

Land Preparation

Land Preparation
  • Ploughing method – Plough the land 1 or 2 times based on soil type.
  • Mix the following in field, and keep it in open air for 10 days for proper decomposition – 
    1. FYM – 2 tons
    2. Composting Bacteria – 3kg
  • Spread the above mixture over soil and run rotavator to the entire field making the soil as a fine tilth
Bed Preparation
  • Bed preparation- Prepare ridges and furrows 60 cm apart with the help of tractor.

Spacing and Plant Population

Row to Row
1.9 ft
Plant to Plant
0.7 ft
Plant Population


  • The sprouted tubers should be planted in furrows 20 cm apart with sprouts facing upward.
  • Care should be taken to avoid sprout damage.

Nutrient Management

  • Total Nutrient Requirement: 40:55:40 N:P:K kg/acre. 
  • At sowing apply- Urea- 43 kg  , Single super phosphate- 338 kg, Muriate of potash- 67 kg , Magnesium Sulphate (MgSo4 )- 25 kg
  • 30 Days after sowing Urea- 22 kg 
  • 45 Days after sowing Urea- 22 kg 


  • Drip- Once in 3 days
  • Flood- First irrigation should be light and given 5-7 days after planting and subsequent irrigation are given at 7-15 days interval depending upon the climatic condition and soil type.

Intercultural Operations

Earthing Up: 2 times @ 30 days after sowing and 60 days after sowing (Convert ridges into furrows).

Weed Management

3 Days after transplanting
Herbicide Name
Metribuzin (300 gram/acre) OR Pendimethalin (200 gram/acre)
45 Days after transplanting
Herbicide Name
Oxyflurofen (1 lit/acre)

Growth Regulators

  • Foliar sprays with Ethephon at 100 gram or Gibberellic acid at 200 ml per acre in 200 lit water to increase tuber yield  at 30 and 70 days after sowing.

Pest and Disease Management

Infected plant begins to dry, starting from the tips of the leaves Leaves become yellow at their bases, then the whole plant wilts and dies
Crop Input Quantity
Copper oxychloride
500 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Drench near root zone in water
Early blight
Affected leaves develop small, dark brown spots that often grow in size, and which eventually kill the leaves
Crop Input Quantity
200 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray
Potato beetle
Small holes on the leaves Both the adult and the black-spotted, red larva feed on potato leaves Their damage can greatly reduce yield
Crop Input Quantity
200 ml Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray
Late blight
Disease infection cause all foliage to rot, dry out and fall to the ground, stems to dry out and plants to die
Crop Input Quantity
300 gram Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray
Black heart of Potato
The tissues happen to die from inside out become black Affected tubers later happen to rot away.
Crop Input Quantity
200 ml Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Drench near root zone in water
Sucking pests
Yellowing of leaves, reduction in size of the leaves, curling and drying of leaf margin and breaking of leaves along the petiole base Smaller size of leaves
Crop Input Quantity
200 ml Per Acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray


Harvesting Duration
Harvesting Time
100 to 110 days after sowing


Total Harvesting Quantity
100-180 quintal/acre

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