Expected Harvest

6000 Bunches/acre

Expected Duration

35-40 days after sowing

Expected Expenditure (Rs)


Expected Income (Rs)


Favourable Climate

  • Grows well in cool and dry weather.
  • It can not tolerate frost.
  • Coriander performs well at a temperature range of 20-30°C.
  • High temperature reduce germination percentage and vegetative growth.
Crop Water Requirements
  • Water requirement – Equivalent to 75-100 mm of rainfall.
  • Water should not be stagnated in field after emergence.

Favourable Soil

  • In irrigated condition it can be grown in all type of soil with good amount of organic matter.
  • Grows well in silty or loamy soil with good water drainage.
  • Alkaline, Sandy & light soil is not suitable for coriander.
  • Required range- 6-8
  • If pH is < 6.0 add Lime
  • If pH is > 8.0 add Gypsum

Planting Material

Kokan kasturi
35-40 Days
Special Characteristic
Good fragrance, broad leaves, 30-40 cm height
35 Quintal / Acre
Arka Isha
70 Days
Special Characteristic
Multi-cut type, bushy plants, broad leaves, with good aroma, good keeping quality (21 days under refrigeration), rich in Vitamin C (167 mg/100g FW)
12 Quintal / Acre

Nursery Preparation

Seed Rate
Irrigated crop
4 - 4.8 kg/acre
Rainfed crop
8 - 10 kg/acre

Seed Treatment

  • Soak the seeds in water for 12 hrs before sowing for proper germination.
  • Treat the seeds with 

               Copper oxychloride – 2 gram

               Imidacloprid – 2 ml

Instructions – Mix the above quantity for one kg of seeds. Add all the above in a container along with seeds and mix all till the seeds are coated with these powdery material.

Land Preparation

Land Preparation
  1. Ploughing method – Plough the land 1 or 2 times based on soil type.
  2. Mix the following in field, and keep it in open air for 10 days for proper decomposition – 

               FYM – 2 tons

               Composting Bacteria – 3 kg

            3. Spread the above mixture over soil and run rotavator to the entire field making the soil as a fine tilth.

Bed Preparation
  1. Bed preparation- Prepare beds of convenient length and height with the help of tractor. Then prepare small bunds to prevent wash out of seeds at one corner.


  • Broadcast the seeds evenly on the beds.
  • The seeds will germinate in about 8-15 days.

Nutrient Management

  • Total requirement-  8:16:8 N:P:K kg/acre 
  • At sowing apply- 

               Urea- 9 kg

               Single super phosphate- 98 kg

              Muriate of Potash- 13 kg

  • 30 days after sowing-

              Urea- 9 kg 


  • Sprinkler- Everyday
  • Flood – Once in a week (based on soil type)

          – 1st irrigation immediately after sowing 

          – 2nd irrigation on the third day

Intercultural Operations

Weed Management

3 Days after transplanting
Herbicide Name
Oxyfluorfen + Quizalofop ethyl (500 ml + 250 ml/acre )
  • Thinning – Plants are thinned at 20-25 days after sowing and the removed seedlings are used as a green vegetable.
  • Special practice – One pinching at a height of about 4 inch will encourage branching.

Growth Regulators

  • Spray Gibbrellic acid @ 0.5 ml/ L of water soon after germination for better growth and increasing height.

Pest and Disease Management

Seed borne diseases
Poor germination or in extreme cases germination ceased
Crop Input Quantity
120 gram per acre
Crop Input usage
Seed Treatment
Fungal disease
Affected leaves develop small, dark brown spots that often grow in size, and which eventually kill the leaves
Crop Input Quantity
100 gram per acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray.
Wilt and Root rot
Poor crop growth, Damaged roots, Wilting of plants
Crop Input Quantity
Copper oxychloride
200.0 gram per acre
Crop Input usage
Drench near root zone in water.
Black small insects aggregated on plants Suck the sap and makes plants week
Crop Input Quantity
100 ml per acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray.
Powdery mildew
Infected leaves have white to light grey, powdery patches
Crop Input Quantity
Wettable sulphur
100 gm per acre
Crop Input usage
Mix in water and spray.


Harvesting Duration
Harvesting Duration
35-40 days


Total Harvesting Quantity
Leaf yield : 21-25 quintal/acre (6000 bunch per acre)

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